Credit Challenge

Retail Credit Today:

Today’s retail environment is highly challenging and the competition to attract customers is fierce. Offering credit is a highly effective promotional tool particularly for big ticket items.

  • The traditional process for a consumer to apply for credit is confusing, intimidating, and outdated.
  • Consumers must leave personal information on paper with store staff and the bank decision can take too long.
  • Credit denial can be embarrassing, prompting consumers to walk out of the store.

Consumers want and deserve a better solution.

Versatile Credit:

Versatile Credit meets these challenges head on with Credit Cascadeā„ , a waterfall solution that is designed to enhance the consumer credit application experience.

  • Our highly secure kiosks offer direct connection to primary and secondary lenders increasing credit applications by up to 20%.
  • Our application process is private and bank decisions are returned in seconds, delivering on average $4,000 in credit.
  • We seamlessly transition credit applications from a primary to a secondary lender, eliminating multiple applications and reducing denials by up to 40%.

This results in more applications, more approvals and up to 30% more sales.