Lender FAQ

How does Versatile Credit benefit me?

Versatile Credit kiosks are increasingly popular in stores where consumers require credit to make purchases. By making your service available to retailers you increase your potential customer base.

Versatile Credit kiosks encourage consumers to apply by being fast, private and secure.

How do we get started with Versatile Credit?

Versatile has many years of experience integrating lenders into our ecosystem. We follow a standard process to ensure a successful integration. This process includes:

  • A discovery consultation where we learn about your existing systems, APIs, information and communication requirements.
  • A Versatile Statement of Work is prepared that describes the steps required for the project to be successful as well as roles and responsibilities, development time and costs.
  • With lender approval of the Statement of Work a Versatile project team is assigned. Most integrations take between 4 to 6 weeks from start to go-live.

Does Versatile Credit promote its lenders?

Versatile Credit relies on the retailer to choose the best credit partner(s).

We will promote all integrated lenders on our website, in marketing materials and participate in joint press releases.

What other fees do we need to pay?

Once the initial integration is complete there are no further fees incurred unless changes to the integration requirements are made. In other words, there are no recurring or monthly costs for a lender.

Is the Versatile Credit Kiosk secure?

The Versatile Credit Kiosk is very secure. No customer data is stored on the kiosk, all communication to lenders takes place over SSL (the same security as banking traffic) and our systems are regularly audited.

Versatile is Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant. PCI-DSS is the standard for payment card security and involves a security assessment that looks at networks, software, policies and procedures.