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Driving Omnichannel Success in 2021 and beyond

The year of 2020, full of restrictions and limitations placed on retailers and consumers, saw a wave of innovation and growth in how and where merchants offered their services and products to shoppers. Many retailers pivoted to e-Commerce while sprinting to implement new technologies and tools to help offer their traditional customers with the same thoughtful shopping experience they have come to expect from modern brand, including services like expedited delivery, in-store pickup, and other tools meant to emulate the in-store experience, such as remote shopping assistance and augmented reality.

Versatile Credit can help your business understand how and where shoppers are utilizing financing, and provide you with the tools to drive engagement and financing approvals for all shoppers, across the FICO spectrum. Versatile as an array of in-store and e-Commerce technologies, including self-service kiosks, contactless, transition-to-mobile technologies, and easy-to-deploy e-Commerce integrations to help retailers provide shoppers with dynamic and comprehensive financing options in-store and online. Retailers can ensure they are maximizing the financing opportunities for their customers while leveraging Versatile’s powerful analytics platform, Versatile Insight, to gain understanding into the performance of their financing program and channels.

Want to learn more about how Versatile Credit can help your business offer comprehensive financing options to shoppers, regardless of where they make their buying decisions? Reach out today for a demo!