Versatile Credit


Versatile Credit Cascade™ guides shoppers through an effortless financing application.
Versatile Credit partners with over 25 prime, near-prime, and no-credit-needed providers to deliver financing to shoppers across the FICO spectrum, while driving higher application and approval volumes. Our Partners
Comprehensive financing options are available in-store, in the home, or online — wherever and whenever a buying decision is made.



Versatile’s suite of in-store technology enables merchants to offer shoppers customized, self-service experiences that fit their customers and brand.
Versatile offers a variety of self-service technologies. Dedicated, branded kiosks and signage are available to provide safe and secure turnkey financing experiences.
We also offer the flexibility to deploy Versatile’s technology across a variety of merchant-owned devices, including tablets, laptops and point of sales terminals.

Versatile Credit

Snap Sign™

Versatile’s innovative, contactless signage puts the power of financing directly into the hands of your shoppers.

Snap Sign is a low-cost and small footprint technology that enables consumers to quickly apply on their mobile device using an innovative twist on QR code technology.

Snap Sign securely guarantees an in-store presence while providing shoppers with options for applying for credit on their terms, without sacrificing privacy.

Merchants can easily and affordably replace and customize the signage to match their brands, events and specials.



Versatile technology can be integrated to the online shopping cart and throughout the entire online shopping experience.
Simple copy and paste plugins allow merchants to offer online financing with minimal effort while offering online shoppers the same powerful payment options and features as their in-store customers.
Versatile also offers Software Development Kits (SDKs) for deep shopping cart integration.

Versatile Credit


With Versatile Insight, merchants can leverage comprehensive dashboards and analytics tools to gain actionable insights about their consumer financing program.

Merchants can benchmark the performance of their financing program across the organization — even down to the individual device and sales associate level, in-store and online.

By harnessing the analytics of the financing program merchants can measure and quantify that impact of their lenders and channels and deliver timely and relevant metrics to stakeholders while optimizing the financing program.

With Versatile Credit merchants can leverage the technologies and partners that suit their business to build a financing program on their terms.