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November 30, 2023

Press Release: Versatile Credit Partners with The Furniture Marketing Group (FMG) to Launch the FMG Finance Portal

Mechanicsburg, Pa. – November 30, 2023 – Versatile Credit (“Versatile”), a leading provider of software connecting merchants, lenders, and consumers to facilitate loans at points-of-sale, today announced the release of the FMG Finance Portal with The Furniture Marketing Group.

The Furniture Marketing Group (FMG) is a premier home furnishings networking and buying group made up of independent retail furniture dealers throughout North America. FMG organizes furniture dealers to share information and best practices, negotiate FMG-exclusive programs with vendor and service provider partners to the benefit of their members, and offer networking and educational experiences to their members. Representing over 100 retail members, FMG boasts nearly 1,000 storefronts across 49 states.

The FMG Finance Portal is designed to empower FMG members with the ability to offer comprehensive, full-spectrum financing solutions to their customers. Versatile’s technology ensures a smooth transition connecting consumers with financing tailored to their needs, regardless of their credit score. FMG is partnering with lenders including Wells Fargo, Concora Credit, Acima Leasing, American First Finance, Koalafi, Snap Finance, and Kafene to offer flexible financing and leasing options.

Versatile’s credit cascade technology aids consumers in the application journey, directing them to alternative financing options if declined by a primary lender. The unified FMG Finance Portal refines operations, ensuring a streamlined financing journey for both consumers and associates. The platform’s dashboards consolidate all pertinent data and functionality, helping to enhance efficiency and making the need for multiple platforms redundant. This consolidation translates to substantial time savings and improved operational productivity for merchants. The portal’s features include instant mobile apply initiation via QR codes, email, or direct application on store devices. Additionally, it offers real-time monitoring of applications, simplified customer account access, and efficient order management. Advanced analytics and reporting tools empower FMG members to gauge the performance of their financing programs, facilitating data-driven decision-making.

“The up-and-coming launch of the FMG Finance Portal, along with FMG and our lending partners, is a significant milestone,” said Vicki Turjan, President and COO at Versatile Credit. “We are proud to be equipping FMG members with tools that not only make financing more accessible to their consumers but also refine the process for both shoppers and staff.”

“Innovations and partnerships like the FMG Finance Portal are indispensable for merchants aiming to expand and cater to the evolving and dynamic needs of their shoppers,” said Steve Jermier, senior vice president of Wells Fargo Retail Services. “Collaborations with partners like Versatile Credit and FMG empower merchants with the requisite tools, knowledge, and resources for effective and successful deployments.”

“We are proud to be able to offer our members a robust, full-spectrum consumer financing toolkit focused on helping to maximize customer opportunities,” said Mike Herschel, Executive Director at The Furniture Marketing Group. “Our partnership with Versatile Credit and our lending and leasing providers ensure our members have unparalleled flexibility and support in how they offer their customers financing.”

This partnership underscores the commitment of Versatile Credit, FMG, and their partners to redefine the consumer financing landscape while ensuring a seamless, inclusive, and efficient experience for all customers, regardless of their credit score.