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August 16, 2023

Press Release: Versatile Credit Partners with Nationwide Marketing Group and Wells Fargo to Deploy Comprehensive Consumer Financing Portal

Mechanicsburg, Pa. – August 16 2023 – Versatile Credit Inc. (Versatile), a leader in credit aggregation and customer acquisition for merchants and lenders, and Nationwide Marketing Group (NMG) recently announced the launch of a new financing portal in collaboration with Wells Fargo.


Nationwide Marketing Group, operating across North America, empowers independent appliance, furniture, and electronics retailers by providing access to resources and tools that drive business growth. NMG’s extensive and diverse member network includes thousands of storefronts, making it the largest buying group of its kind in the United States.


This innovative solution, The Finance Hub, will revolutionize the consumer financing experience by providing a seamless, comprehensive, and tailored financing program for a broad spectrum of customers. By leveraging the power of Versatile’s credit cascade technology and partnerships with leading lenders such as Wells Fargo, Genesis Credit, Progressive Leasing, and American First Finance, Nationwide’s merchants will now be better equipped to deploy and manage successful financing programs for shoppers across the credit spectrum.


Versatile’s credit cascade technology helps shoppers navigate the application process by seamlessly guiding them to secondary financing options in the case they are declined by a prime lender. Additionally, Versatile’s single portal system streamlines operations and allows for a more efficient financing process for shoppers and associates. With an easy-to-use interface, the platform consolidates all relevant data and functionality into one location, helping to improve ease of use and enhance efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple platforms, leading to significant time savings and improved operational productivity for merchants.


“We are excited to work with Nationwide and Wells Fargo to deploy this one-stop solution for consumer financing,” says Vicki Turjan, President and COO at Versatile Credit. “Our goal is to evolve the consumer finance offerings of NMG’s members, making financing more accessible to customers, no matter their credit history. Partnerships like this enable us to create dynamic solutions that serve both merchants and consumers alike.”


Through The Finance Hub, merchants will be able to access tools that streamline their consumer financing operations. The dashboard overview provides performance metrics, recent applications, and orders at a glance. Quick application launch features allow merchants to start applications via QR codes, email and text links, or apply directly on a store-owned device. The portal also offers efficient monitoring of recent applications and orders, easy customer account lookups, and simplified order management and funding processes.


“We value our partnership with Versatile Credit as they continue to innovate in response to market demands,” said Steve Jermier, senior vice president of Wells Fargo Retail Services. “This solution not only enables merchants to deliver technologically advanced, full-spectrum financing options, but it also facilitates a smoother customer journey, broadening the range of financing solutions merchants can offer while supporting their success and growth.”


“This partnership reinforces our commitment to providing our members with features that drive business success and offer a competitive edge,” said Chris Kirk, senior vice president of business and financial services at Nationwide Marketing Group. “This new tool will empower our members to offer a diverse range of financing options to their customers, providing a comprehensive solution for the diverse needs of customers while improving customer satisfaction, approval rates, and profitability.” 


By blending Versatile’s innovative technology and strategic partnerships with Nationwide’s vast retail network and Wells Fargo’s robust financial services, this collaboration presents an exceptional opportunity to revolutionize the consumer financing process for Nationwide’s network of merchants.