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December 19, 2023

Press Release: Revolutionizing Fraud Detection: Versatile Credit Integrates with Prove Identity for Enhanced Fraud Screening and Streamlined Customer Onboarding Experience

Mechanicsburg, Pa. – December 19, 2023 -Versatile Credit (“Versatile”), a premier software provider connecting merchants, lenders, and consumers for point-of-sale loans, today unveiled its integration with Prove Identity, Inc. (“Prove”), the global leader in digital identity, that will enhance its fraud screening process while also delivering a more streamlined customer onboarding experience.

Central to this integration is the enhancement of fraud screening. Merchants who integrate the solution can have every applicant undergo Prove’s process and be screened for potential fraud risks, with the additional benefit of making the application process easier, more reliable and faster through the award-winning Prove Pre-Fill® onboarding and identity verification solution.

Prove’s streamlined process allows applicants to input minimal information, such as their social security and mobile phone number, to verify their identity and pre-fill the application with their comprehensive identity information, optimizing speed, and convenience. Part of this process includes a phone possession check for an additional security layer. If a customer successfully responds, they can become a fraud-screened customer. The integration promises merchants and consumers heightened data accuracy, with Prove providing consistent and precise data formatting.

Merchants can deploy this solution both online and in-store, instilling confidence in fraud reduction and guaranteeing shoppers a secure and user-friendly application experience, however they decide to shop.

“We’re excited to incorporate Prove’s solution into our platform. Their cutting-edge technology equips our merchant and lending partners with a fast and straightforward fraud screening mechanism,” remarked Joe Sharp, CTO of Versatile Credit. “Additional features, like application pre-filling, further strengthen this solution, ensuring merchants deliver a secure and efficient application process to their customers.”

“Versatile Credit remains committed in its mission to equip merchants with comprehensive tools for full-spectrum consumer financing, streamlining processes, and enhancing efficiencies,” said Ed O’Donnell, CEO of Versatile Credit. “Our collaboration with Prove empowers merchants with greater control over the application journey, significantly mitigating risks and improving the overall experience.”

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with Versatile Credit to not only fortify fraud screening measures and safeguard both shoppers and merchants, but to also improve the consumer experience and make onboarding faster, more accurate, and easier,” said Scott Bonnell, Chief Revenue Officer at Prove. “We’re confident that our integration will help to benefit businesses and end-users alike with robust fraud prevention and commerce enablement.”

Versatile Credit, driven by its commitment to empower merchants with a suite of financing options and tools, continually refines its platform and seeks strategic alliances to augment its platform. Versatile is at the forefront of transforming how merchants are approaching consumer financing, constantly enhancing our platform to maximize benefits for our partners and their customer.