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December 10, 2021

Wells Fargo, FurnitureDealer.Net, and Versatile Credit announce partnership to provide FMG dealers with Robust Tools for Offering Shoppers Omnichannel Consumer Financing

Mechanicsburg, Pa. – December 10, 2021 – Versatile Credit Inc. (Versatile), Wells Fargo Retail Services (Wells Fargo), and FurnitureDealer.Net have recently announced their partnership to offer Furniture Marketing Group (FMG) dealers a robust set of tools and technology to deploy comprehensive, turnkey consumer financing solutions to shoppers.  


Versatile Credit is a consumer finance technology company with a platform built to provide shoppers with a seamless, self-service financing application experience on an array of devices, including kiosks, tablets, PCs, and consumer mobile devices, which can be completely customized to the retailer’s brand, look, and feel. Versatile’s finance cascade technology leads to more approvals by leveraging secondary and tertiary lending providers, helping retailers to build comprehensive programs that help them to meet the needs of consumers across the FICO spectrum, leading to an increase in sales and a lift in average ticket value. 


FurnitureDealer.Net is a leading technology partner in the home furnishings industry, developing full-service digital solutions designed to bridge the gap between online and in-store offerings to help small businesses leverage the power of the internet to drive sales and grow their business.  Their clients include many of the largest and most successful independent furniture retailers in North America, as well as several of the industry’s leading manufacturers and suppliers.


“Wells Fargo is excited to offer FMG dealers the tools to help them build a dynamic, omnichannel financing solution,” said Steve Jermier, Senior Vice President of Wells Fargo Retail Services. “While we understand that not every customer applying for financing is going to be a Wells Fargo customer, these tools are designed to help our FMG dealers drive success while addressing the individual needs of their shoppers, regardless of their financial affiliation or credit situation.”


“FMG is committed to driving value to our retail members.  In this case, we brought together industry-leading technology and finance companies to create a unique & seamless omnichannel finance solution sure to be a better consumer shopping experience and result in more sales,” said Mike Herschel, Executive Director at FMG. “This partnership is a prime example of the sort of comprehensive and innovative offerings that FMG is able to provide and facilitate for our dealers.”


“We are thrilled to team up with Wells Fargo and FurnitureDealer.Net to help supercharge the financing programs of FMG dealers and provide these retailers with the tools they need to build financially inclusive financing programs for shoppers, regardless of their credit score,” said Vicki Turjan, President and COO of Versatile Credit. “With the support of Wells Fargo, FurnitureDealer.Net and Versatile FMG are able to provide their dealers with a truly comprehensive omnichannel solution that will help empower them to provide shoppers with the same options, whether they are shopping in-store or online — a powerful value proposition for consumers over the last year.”


“This partnership is bringing together the best and most innovative technologies and financing products available for home furnishing retailers and providing them with the tools to drive the success of their sales and financing programs”, said Alex Kirsch, President of Dealer Services at FurnitureDealer.net, “Retailers will have the ability to offer the same comprehensive and consistent financing programs to eCommerce customers — where consumers will be able to instantly and seamlessly apply their financing towards purchasing the products they want.”


Retailers will also have access to powerful real-time data of their consumer financing program, both in-store and online, with the ability to slice and dice the data by time, location, channel, and provider, as well as the ability to benchmark the success of their program with the overall success of FMG program members.