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Offer Multiple Financing Options with a Compliant, Secure, and Patient-Friendly Solution

Welcome to Versatile Credit

Welcome to Versatile Credit, where we are revolutionizing the way dental practices offer financing options to their patients. With nearly two decades of experience, our cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions have been designed to help you provide multiple financing options in a compliant, secure, and patient-friendly manner.


Join us on our mission to expand access to quality care and help your patients receive the care they deserve.


Versatile’s streamlined self-service process guides patients through multiple financing options that are tailored to fit their individual needs and budget, resulting in improved approval rates and elevated patient satisfaction.

Available Anywhere

Patients can apply for financing using any device with a web browser, whether it be a practice-owned tablet or their own personal mobile device, providing a seamless and convenient experience for patients.

Streamlined Platform

Our platform provides practices with a single, easy-to-use portal for applications and transaction processing and powerful analytics tools to help you understand the performance of your financing program

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Driving Access to Care Thought Leadership Series

The “Driving Access to Care Thought Leadership Series” is a selection of panels with industry experts designed to inform and assist practices and Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) in navigating the complex landscape of patient financing.

Versatile Credit @ ADSO 2023

“Enabling Access to Care, The Importance of Patient Financing” 

In this panel discussion experts dive into the significance of patient financing in enhancing access to healthcare. The conversation focuses on the collaborations with lending partners, the benefits of patient financing, and the unique challenges faced by dental practices, all aiming to provide a clearer understanding of patient financing’s crucial role in healthcare accessibility.

Versatile Credit @ ADSO 2023

“Unlocking the Power of Patient Financing, Maximizing Access to Care”

In the panel industry leaders shed light on the utilization of dynamic tools and intelligent strategies in patient financing to enhance access to care. The discussion revolves around harnessing data & analytics, understanding various financing products, and expanding comprehensive financial solutions for patients across diverse economic situations.

Healthcare Finance Panel featuring Versatile Credit, Proceed Finance, and Genesis Financial Solutions

“Empowering Patients with Affordable Financing” featuring Ed Haluska, Chief Commercial Officer of Genesis Financial Solutions

“Compliance & Technology” featuring Ed O’Donnell, Chief Executive Officer of Versatile Credit