Driving Omnichannel Success in 2021 and beyond

The year of 2020, full of restrictions and limitations placed on retailers and consumers, saw a wave of innovation and growth in how and where merchants offered their services and products to shoppers. But how will retailers adapt in 2021 and beyond? […]

Provide flexible payment options for customers in a time of uncertainty

Automotive service providers and their customers have been facing a parade of uncertainties over the last year. Many of these customers have had to make tough decisions between repairing their vehicles or paying for other personal expenses, such as rent or groceries. A recent survey by LendingTree found that 28% of American drivers said they would be unable to pay for a $500 car repair without going into debt and that nearly 6 in 10 drivers have skipped a necessary car repair because they were unable to afford it. […]

Post-pandemic, retailers have a renewed focus on the customer experience

Recently Kathy Gramling, Jeff Orschell, and Joshua Chernoff of the Harvard Business Review released the article, “How E-Commerce Fits into Retail’s post-pandemic Future”, which explored the growth and trends that began with COVID-19 and how customers are choosing to shop and interact with brands in 2021. […]

FURNITURE TODAY ARTICLE – Credit Options Abound for Furniture Purchasers

Credit Options Abound for Furniture Purchasers Recently, Joseph Dobrian over at Furniture Today spoke with industry leaders to talk about the prospects for consumer financing in the near future. The article featured Versatile Credit President & COO Vicki Turjan, as well as many of our fantastic platform partners, including Snap Finance, TD Bank, Progressive Leasing, and Synchrony. […]

Versatile Credit Adds Foundation Finance Company to their Omnichannel financing platform

Foundation Finance has joined Versatile’s platform to provide current and future customers with powerful tools to build a comprehensive, customized financing program. […]

Technology is key to Omnichannel Success in a Post Corona world

Since 2000 the percentage of retail sales conducted through ECommerce have grown 1% per year. According to Scott Galloway in his book, “Post Corona, From Crisis to Opportunity”, as of March 2020 18% of retail sales were conducted online through E-Commerce websites. When would-be customers were forced inside and retailers temporarily shut down, E-Commerce sales experienced a 10% growth, to 28%, in a matter of only eight weeks. […]

Offer Comprehensive Retail Finance Options with Versatile Credit

Recent events and advances in technology are causing retailers to re-evaluate their sales processes and challenge themselves to better understand the experiences of customers interacting with their brand, in-store and online. […]

The Importance of Omnichannel Commerce in 2021

Recently on Business Insider, Ian Black, managing director at Shopify, shared his thoughts on recent retail trends, including the importance of a comprehensive omnichannel strategy. […]

Holiday sales expected to grow between 3.6-5.2 percent this year

Many states throughout the country have issued “Stay at Home” orders in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, and as the vast majority of our fellow citizens comply, that has motivated forward thinking […]

Customers want to choose and influence their experiences

SAP SE and Dynata recently surveyed U.S. consumers about their expectations for the holiday shopping season. […]